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Can you believe it has been 25 years? Twenty-five years since the day you dropped the envelop on my desk that would change my life. February 14, 1987.

We had been friends - best friends for a couple of years. You were dating one of my friends. I was getting over a divorce. You told me later your first impression of me was a man hater with a BIG chip on her shoulder. (But we got past that obviously.) And like best friends do, we talked about everything and anything, including your on again-off again relationship with my friend. I realized very early that the two of you had a strong attraction to each other but neither of you really liked the other person. We, on the other hand, not being “lovers”, were free to be ourselves and found that we had many, many things in common and truly enjoyed each others’ company,

Now, I have never been very sentimental. And Valentine’s Day had never been a “big” holiday for me. But that year, you forever changed the day for me when you gave me the most beautiful Valentine a woman ever had. It was not a card, or candy or jewelry. Instead, it was a 4 page letter written on lined notebook paper in which you told me that your friendship had deepened into love. You loved me. Me! Imagine! And I knew that I loved you too, although I had been afraid to hope for it. And since that day, 25 years ago, you have been and continue to be the best part of me and my beloved.