Week 6 and I'm still with this... Amazing!

6. Lunch at "YoSushi!" at the Birmingham Bullring after a visit to the "Spring Fair"
7. Last day in Birmingham and we're just passing time...
8. My new iPhone-cover from Ted Baker!
9. Leif got new ideas in England, so Izabell had to take out needle and thread
10. One of many surprise visits at work today was from Hammerfall's singer Joacim Cans
11. I'm conducting muffin baking-tests!
12. We spent this sunny Sunday visiting markets and thrift stores in the Gothenburg-area (one is situated in the old stables of the former Cavalry Regiment and the photo is of the main building now housing offices of all kinds)

"SpeedByte no163" by Pattie Knox
"Classic Cardstock - Into the Night" by Katie Pertiet