Need to get back to some everyday, journaling heavy layouts. Ali and everyone inspired me at the chats yesterday. I just need to start getting the story down and stop being a perfectionist!

Journaling: On this night after supper, mommy felt sick to her stomach and sat down in the family room and closed my eyes. Next thing I knew you were patting my head, putting a blanket on me and a pillow behind my head, completely mothering me.
Early the next morning you crawled into bed with me, saying your tummy hurt, and 1/2 an hour later you were vomiting, and mommy spent the rest of the day mothering you.
You are such a compassionate soul Carson and can't stand to see anyone hurt or upset. You are a sensitive, caring little boy and a nurturer by heart. I hope you will always remain the beautiful little soul that you are.

Katie Pertiet
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