When my dd was a small child, I was still using film, therefore there are not the same quantities of photos as I would take now, so each one tends to be extra special.

Journaling reads: I always felt so lucky that growing up, you were so sweet and lovable. Everything we did, you made so very special - each little thing was so extradinary to you - treating each & every experience like it was the most wonderful you ever had. Exploring the dirt road Grandma & Papa live on, you were so thrilled at each turn, to find something new to explore. The countryside was very new to you, fences to climb, cow, chickens, big fields, so much for you to explore, and you loved every minute, I couldn’t love you more. You make this world so much sweeter.

Items used:

Katie's Pencil Thin Font (love this font and use it all the time)
Stuck on You by Erica Zwart and Anita Designs
On the Edge Overlays No. 2 by Erica Zwart
On the Edge Overlays No. 3 by Erica Zwart
Glow No. 1 by Erica Zwart

Journaling font: Pea Carmen