Sometimes he chooses to not understand some of these.. in particular 'No'. Wink

Thanks for looking! Smile

Maskros Kit
Printers Trays No. 03
Messy Stamped Alphabet No. 02 Brushes and Stamps
Thick Alphabet And Numbers
Annelise Kit
Clean Stitched Squares: White No. 01

Font: Century Gothic, Pea Jane

Journaling: Although I am certain you are ignoring us sometimes, there seems to be quite a few words already that you understand. In fact my Son, I think there is much more that you understand that we do not give you credit for. Bath - Bath time is your favourite part of the day! You have a bath after dinner (and sometimes breakfast and lunch too!) and you get so excited when you hear those magic words! Bottle - Your eyes light up if this one is said at the right time. You have even begun saying ‘Bababababa’ when you are thirsty. I am going to assume you mean bottle because you have happily taken it each time! Look - As in “Look at Mumma” or “Look at Dadda” when we are trying to clean your face in the bath. You always look up at us so we can make sure we have got all of the food off your face! Drink - This is a new one we have been saying to you at meal times. We ask if you want a drink before giving you some water. Now when we say it you immediately look at the cup, waiting for a drink. Come - As in “Come to Mumma” or “Come to Dadda.” We usually say that to you when you are playing or tearing up the house and getting into things you should not be! Nooo - You regularly use selective hearing with this word. We try to only say it when you are into something really bad - like the oven! Sometimes you ignore us and sometimes you listen. Up - We have been saying this to you since day 1. It started out as ‘up’ whenever we picked you up and now we say it when we help you stand up. Lincoln - This is not a new one and you have recognised your name now for months and months. You also recognise Mumma, Dadda and Nana. Nana is a new one and something that you have been saying for about a month now.