This was a wonderful idea for a challenge! I have owned this tutorial for ages and never even opened it. This morning, Chrissy (kikimama-thank you!) posted her page about a treasured hat knitted by her Mum and I knew that I could "do" Lion! He was made by my Mum and given to us at a baby shower. Isabel loved him immediately. I once removed him from her crib when she was asleep to wash him. She woke up and started to cry "Onion!" Lion took a quick spin in the dryer and she settled back down as soon as I put him in her hands...longest 20 minutes of my life! Then there was the time he went missing in Sears, she put him to bed in a furniture display in the baby department... anyhoo, all this to say; thanks for the challenge Cassie! I'll probably do a companion page with Isabel/Lion photos.

CJones-How'd they do that #8-custom brushes

KPertiet-Autumnal artistry kit, autumnal artistry add on papers