Pets oftentimes look like their owner(s).

. . . and oftentimes it takes the the right color combo to bring a page together. (I've been trying to get this page right for 3 months now)

Maplebrook Studios:
Stanleigh Paper Pack
Katie Pertiet:
Sweet St. Nicholas Kit
Painted Summer: Surf Paint No. 01 Mega Pack
Colorful Watery Spots No. 01
Alphabet Scatterings Dynamic Brushes
Pencil Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Gingerbread Runaway Kit
Hinge Pack
Lynn Grieveson:
Holiday Cheer Kit
Geometric Hints Brushes and Stamps
The Grunge Source:
Pavement Paper Pack
Pattie Knox:
Gone to the Dogs Page Kit
Cassie Jones:
How’d They Do That? No. 06: Offset Stamping
Font: Pea Missing You
(Papers slightly recolored)