i suppose this should be filed under "careful what you wish for" but i really am missing winter this year! the only signs of snow around here are the crystal snowflakes hanging in my kitchen window, here caught in my cup of morning tea.

Dear Winter,
Wish you were here.


Katie Pertiet:
Color Inspiration 070911
Lightly Letter Box Paper
Rounded Corner Stitching Holes
Vintage Blendables No.1
Slide Frames No.1
Edge Overlays No.1
Apothecary Brushes
Candid Elements
Letter Box Brushes No.3
Letter Box Blocks
Post Card Journalers
Blendable PhotoCards No.3
Bradded Frames No.3
Inked Flakes No.1
Stamped Stitches
Ledger Paper Pieces-Snowflakes

Geometric Hints Brushes and Stamps

Pattie Knox:
Pin Its Pearls

Font: satisfaction

(loving these color challenges!)