I wanted to play with my camera today, (my new years resolution is to take more photos, and get better shots in general)..
I have a pair of these gorgeous handmade glasses my boss Patricia gave me when I left Qantas.. they are very special to me.. I also LOVE my Pandora bracelets, especially the gold ones which has different coloured Sapphires in that I faceted myself, and our dear friend set into these handmade charms..
I set all this up in my laundry, (the light is much better there) I got out my damask tablecloth, threw it over the washing machine and started snapping away.. I overlaid the photo with a texture..

oops..... just realised I've got Feb along the bottom, a day early... oh well... who's to know! haha

Classic Cardstock: Cleansing / recolored

Artplay Solids Gather Paper

Thanks for looking: Janet Smile