last friday i shared my 2011/365 book for the very first time. it was with two friends who cheered me on through the year but had not really seen many of the photos. they looked at every photo, read every word, touched every page. it was such a special afternoon. one i will not forget; i've got the picture to remind me. i look at it and think; this is why. . .

(my 2012/365 plus one format)
outside looking in. reflections. outside the window looking in to the restaurant. reflections on the window. outside of the experience looking in at the reaction. reflections on the faces. reflections on the year just passed. it is day twenty-seven and i am sharing my 2011 three sixty-five photo of the day book for the first time on this rainy friday in plymouth. i am buoyed by their encouragement. i am anxious to continue. i return home and wonder what the next two hundred and thirty-nine photos will be of as i sit inside, looking out, reflecting on a wonderful afternoon.

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