I can't believe I'm actually still doing this!!! Never made it 29 days before! LOL!
And not only with this 365/366 project - I'm also completely caught up with my "other" LO's for January! I wish I had been this organized in 2010 and 2011...
I am, of course, still behind on my travel/themed books, but I'm plugging away with them - slowly but surely!

23. Lunch with my "little" cousin 24. Package from my sister in Seattle with a Wasabi chapstick among other things 25. My husband really needs a shave 26. Getting my car at the repair-shop (this is not my car) 27. Gorgeous roses from Helena as a Thank You for lending her my Bottega Veneta-clutch for a party 28. Spent Saturday-morning getting the annual, mandatory car-test done 29. Spending Sunday doing laundry

"SpeedByte no164" by Pattie Knox
"Classic Cardstock - Into the Night" by Katie Pertiet