Project 52 Week 2

This is our dog, Dude. He is a working dog and love his job. Between the times that we need him, he is "supposed" to stay behind this red gate. He has figured out though...if he wiggles between the gate and the post.... his body is still technically behind the gate and he won't get in trouble Smile

This is a CASE (copy & scrap exactly) of Carolee's "Book of Wisdom". Thanks to Carolee for her help and inspiration.

Book of Wisdom

Katie Pertiet:

Classic Cardstock: Snow Fun
Vintage Journal Spots No. 03
Classic Embossed Cardstock: Dots No. 03
l'Automne Kit

Maplebrook Studio:
Jelly Alphabet No. 18

Pattie Knox:
Staple Its!: Clusters

Art Warehouse:
Dog Rub Ons

Font: Function

Thanks for looking Smile