i am busy filling the last pages of my valentines album.

this one takes part in the tutorial technique challenge. it wasn't as easy as it seemed to create the layers of the brush. perhaps i need a better quality picture. but it was worth the fun and i like the outcome!

the layout is inspired by this way cool layout by jen_d:

screw Hinge Pack
buttons Gingerbread Runaway Kit
together Stamp It Brushes and Stamps
Tabbed Dates No. 01A

lynn grieveson
journaler bg recolored Farah Paper Pack No. 01: Pastel
paperstrip Angelic Winter Kit
worn strip Camille Kit
ric rac Capri Kit
ricrac Jolie Kit
pagewrap Nanyang Kit

maplebrook studios
photobrush bg Jules Kit

journaling reads:
you know that in the beginning of our love-relationship your mom and i didn’t like each other too much. after our marriage it changed a lot for the better. gisela and i both learned to like the traits of the other. in the last years you sometimes weren’t so fond of our friendship, especially when we three together go for shopping. regarding clothes your mother and i are of the same opinion most of the time. you prefer taking on the opposite view. so gisela and i occasionaly decide what she buys (she still is happy when she can buy something for you) and you run around in the store expressing your disapproval. in the end you always love and wear what we sorted out and agree that it was a good choice. this situation often makes us all laugh when we discuss what clothes to buy.
sometimes when we are with gisela and watch soccer you come to dislike us even more. gisela and i always have lots of stories to share. so you can be quite upset when we are talking all the time while you want to see the game. especially when we are silent in the half time. lol. after all i think you are happy that gisela and i have a good time together. i am thankful that she is your mother. without her you wouldn’t be around, i suppose ;-)

thanks for looking :-)