I give in!!! I've decided to take a picture a day with my iPhone during 2012 - so I might just as well make weekly LO's for my book on 2012 too... I'll make additional pages and spreads on special occasions and will put everything into one, big book!

I had to add a photo on this one, since our weeks here in Sweden starts with Monday, not Sunday, and I didn't want to leave out Jan 1st!

Edit: It didn't occur to me that nobody could read this in Swedish... Sorry! Swedish and English both come naturally for me and I only journal in Swedish for DH's and the the family's sake...
1. Waking up New Year's Day in Hotel Elite Plaza after a very nice New Year's
2. "Moving into" a new EHD with my scrapping stash
3. Former employee cecilia and her daughter pay us a visit
4. They're taking the Gothenburg Wheel apart to move it to the local amusement park
5. The audiobooks I listen to while doing accounting at the office
6. Really cold for the first time this winter. Water turned to ice in our garden
7. DH asked for Tacos for dinner
8. My friend Helena and her kids came by our new café

"SpeedByte no163" by Pattie Knox
"Classic Cardstock - Into the Night" by Katie Pertiet