my take on this weeks Saturday Scraplift; just a silly little story!

my mother always felt that women who wore glasses should not wear drop earrings of any type. it was a button installed in me at a very early age; way before i wore or needed either. i don’t really know her reasoning; like other ideas she had i accepted it as fact and moved on. my husband often commented that he really liked hoop earrings and wished i would wear them. when i mentioned this notion of my mother’s he dismissed it as “just silly”. my sister was less tolerant, labeling the notion as “ridiculous” staring it in the face and giving me these hoops as a christmas gift. although i loved the earrings i was unsure i could actually wear them and feel comfortable. i finally garnered my courage, put on the earrings along with my glasses and prepared for a lunch date with my husband on this day. i loved them! did he notice? uh, no (sigh) . . . . .

but they did provide for a good photo of the day on the seventh of january two thousand and twelve.

Katie Pertiet:
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Pattie Knox:
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