My take on the AAM challenge sort of morphed from "right now" to "back then."

Journaling: When I look in the mirror right now, I see a woman who is 63 but doesn't feel that old. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that I'm in my mid-60s, a senior citizen. Unless I leave scrapbook pages telling them about my younger self, Katie and Sam will never know me as anyone but an old lady. They will probably be as amazed to see pictures of a younger me as I am to see pictures of my grandparents when they were young marrieds just beginning their lives together. Their grandchildren, on the other hand, will be able to look at albums full of pages documenting Katie's and Sam's lives from the moment of their births. I'm glad my pages can be part of that legacy to them. So, Katie and Sam, here are some things I remember from years ago . . .

I was never athletic -- totally uncoordinated.
The first mysteries I read were Nancy Drew -- still love mysteries.
My sixth grade teacher Mr. Switts put me in the corner for talking.
My mother threw a surprise Sweet 16 birthday party for me.
I loved SweeTarts then, and I love them now.
I had a crush on George Reed for most of high school.
My daddy was a plastering contractor.
My blood type is B negative, just like my mom and brother.
My mama went back to work when I was in the 6th grade.
We lived on a lake, and I learned how to slalom.
When we took vacations, they were always road trips.
I played Monopoly with my brother and cousins -- on an actual board with paper money.
My great aunt Clara came to stay with us during the summers when we were off school.
One of my chores was to get dinner started in the afternoon -- that's how I learned to cook.
I got out of second grade a couple of weeks early so I could go visit Aunt Jewell in Birmingham.
I was in English class when word of President Kennedy's assassination came over the PA system.
We paid $65 a month in rent for our first apartment, and that included furnishings and utilities.
I cheated on an English test in 10th grade -- inadvertently, but I still wrote in the answer.
We paid $21,500 for our first house -- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, swimming pool, and on a canal.
I was once limber enough to put my ankle behind my neck -- no more!
I voted for the first time in 1972; I waited in line for hours to vote for Nixon.
Once in my life I couldn't donate blood because I didn't weigh enough.
Two of my cousins lived with us for several years.
I met your PapPap at church when he was home on leave from the Air Force.
My grandma made clothes for dolls for needy children at Christmas.
I married at 21, became a mother at 24, and became a grandmother at 54.
Your PapPap and I dated for five weeks before he proposed and I accepted.
We budgeted $20 a week for groceries, but a gallon of milk was only 99 cents then.
My grandparents had a big boat, and we loved spending weekends on it.
I always thought I was my grandmother's favorite.
PapPap and I were engaged for two years before marrying on July 11, 1970.
I went to Pfeiffer College in Misenheimer, North Carolina and majored in English.
I taught English at Oak Ridge High School, my alma mater.
In general, I had good grades; but I did get a D in Christian Beliefs in college.
I hated math, but I did get an A in geometry.
I've always had short hair.
The first dog PapPap and I had was a basset hound named Goober.
Your PapPap taught me to drive a stick shift.

(Long journaling, short supply list!)

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