I was hurrying to finish my 2011 book last night for a sale at Shutterfly (I had a $20 coupon and 20% off, plus free shipping) so these pages were thrown together---Katie's templates made it so easy! You can see I "cheated" and left them mostly the way they were. I didn't have time to do anything of my own and still upload 100 pages to SF.

Well, I got the book done and when I went to my cart, it said $140. Wow! Um, no. So I thought I'd try Blurb. Then today SF starts a new sale, and I got 25% off on top of their new sale, 30% off 12X12 and free shipping. So it knocked it down to $100. I'm going to proof the book and send it off in a couple of days. Sometimes good things come to those who wait. I would have been REALLY frustrated if I'd've coughed up all that money only to see a sale today!


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Katie Pertiet Pocket Pages Templates No. 2