My latest AAM, I did a page when I turned 60 & 61, this is my 62 page.. A little bit softer colours. (maybe its my age) Wink
A few goals and fav quotes..
Seeing this quote in Kelly's book to her husband, I just had to use it..

oops, better say upfront, I turned 62 last November... haha

Whats in your pocket Chall 92009
Classic Cardstock: Buttercup / recoloured
Vintage Flashcards: Summer
Winter Artistry Kit
Love Tickets No. 02
Momentous Seals Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Little Hearts Element Pack
Neutral Word Bits No. 01
Bead Scatterings No. 04 / recoloured
Little Layette Element Pack / stitching
In Stitches: Wings No. 01
Made with Paper Flowers No. 01
Made with Paper Flowers No. 01
Worth Repeating Overlays No. 04
Graphic Word Blocks Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Artistry de Blanco Kit
Family time 7pm chat freebie / clockface

Colbie Solids Paper Pack
Solina Kit

Late Summer Mini-Kit
Worn Frame Edges No. 02
Geometric Hints Brushes and Stamps

Absolutely Acrylic: Clockworks
For Humanity Kit / Pretty Bow (I LOVE these)
Pin Its!: Pearls

For Humanity Kit / Wordart

Dotted Loopdaloop No. 02
Artplay Find my Way / Blank bubble over 62...


Thanks for looking: Janet Smile