I do love noting what Tom's up to each month, even if I don't get round to creating a page each time.

We love Usborne books, especially the Farmyard Tales books where there's a little duck hidden on each page, so I've put one on this page to find:).

Journalling reads:
You like to communicate with us...You're starting to say words, mummy, daddy, hat, juice (joosh), and all the animal noises...You love journeys in the car as we go past fields so you can point at the sheep saying 'ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba...You also do signs/ sounds for cats, elephants, rabbits, fish, planes, cars, trains, horses and large wild animals like tigers.
You've got very determined, and don't like it if we say no...You love to copy us now, especially Amy...I love watching the two of you dancing together, and you follow her all around...Bedtimes are fun now that you love books so much...Your favourites include the Apple Tree Farm books (looking for the small duck on each page) and the Peppa Pig books with flaps to lift...You can sleep through the night now, and even if you wake up during the night, a quick hug is enough to get you back into your cot and to sleep...Though you are currently waking up at 5 quite regularly, not exactly a civilised wake-up time!...One of your favourite activities is playing with a basin of water...We add some Fairy Liquid for bubbles then you throw your cars and Little People (and Amy's My Little Ponies) in to see how big a splash you can make...It gets pretty wet, but that's what towels are for... Similarly you love having your bath, even having your hair washed, you never want to come out at the end...you still have one long nap around lunchtime, usually on a pile of cushions in the living room...You are a happy boy, and love making others smile.

Supplies used:
Maplebrook Studios
Nikki Paper Pack;
Nikki Solids Paper Pack;
Camden Kit;
Carissa Kit;

K Pertiet
Stitching Holes Circles Brushes and Stamps;
Messy Stitched Borders: White No. 02;
Little Hearts Kit;
Vintage Flashcard Alphabet No. 03;
Bead Scatterings No. 03;
Graphic Pop Edgers Brushes and Stamps;
On the Go Brushes and Stamps;
On the Go Kit;
Photo Clusters No. 28;
Photo Clusters No. 31;
Notebook Paper Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 01;
Ledger Grids No. 03 Brushes and Stamps;
Gator Crossing Kit;

L Grieveson
Backyard Expedition Kit;

P Knox
Little Folded Ribbon Bits;