we are back from new zealand - even though there are times I wish we weren't ;-)) it's the most amazing, relaxing, stunning ... country on earth! (lynn, how did you manage to ever leave this wonderful place?!)

but... back to scrapbooking. I've just finished the photo book on our journey. the reason it's already finished is that I decided not to scrapbook these 114 pages. (it took a few days and sleepless nights to come to this conclusion though ;-) now it's just photos on plain colourful paper, journaling and word art. I'm very very happy and content with the outcome. (thanks ali for all your BEAUTIFUL handwritten art!)

BUT our fave pics I will scrapbook and this page is a quick summary of the rest more or less:-).

most elements are taken from studio DD layer works 26.
other elements from DD templates

thanks for looking!