I play in a small, local, community orchestra. Our woodwinds and brass all have performance degrees (MMus or PhD) but our strings are largely hobby players. Many have degrees as well, while others are just happy to have an ensemble to play in. We are one of the few semi-professional orchestras in the country (we are pay-per-service, not salaried/union) that has operated in the black continuously since founding.

I play the viola and sit either principal or second chair, depending on whether or not our principal viola decides to show up for a concert. I love playing with this group, and this is my tenth season.

This concert, a friend of mine used my camera and took pictures during the concert. It was our Emerging Artist concert and the concerto winner was a 16-year-old from south Louisiana. She was okay; she had technique but lacked maturity. Our truly phenomenal winners in the past have had both the technique and the mental and emotional poise of seasoned performers. The music on the paper behind the photos is excerpts from Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1, the piece we performed in this concert.


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