Ya-hoo! One more from my stack of unfinished layouts, now done! I love this photo of my mom and one of her sisters, looking so young and so full of life.


Katie Pertiet:
Classic Cardstock: Oyster Paper Pack
Lightly Letter Box Paper Pack
Twisted Stitches
Little Round Tabs No. 02
Neutral Word Bits No. 01
Defined Blocks Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Color Inspiration Paper Pack (11.28.10 freebie)
Ad Inspiration Fingerprints (09.05.10 freebie)
Editorial Inspiration Color Rub-on (08.01.10 freebie)

Pattie Knox:
Brad Bonanza No. 01: Digital Fasteners
Staple Its!

Lynn Grieveson:
Worn Alphabet Edges

Mindy Terasawa:
Crazy Beautiful Paper Pack
Color Challenge Paper Pack (03.08.09 freebie)

Anna Aspnes:
12x12 Page FotoBlendz 1
Abstract FotoBlendz 4
MultiLayer FotoBlendz 1

Telegraphem, P22 Typewriter, Texas Hero, Old Newspaper Types