This is a lift of Steph's Best Friends layout Love everything about this, the photo, colours and journaling.
Also for the AAM Challenge on the Blog. It really was a challenge because I find it hard to scrap about myself, esp taking pictures. :P

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Journaling:I was challenged to grab the camera and take a picture of myself, right now, today, no excuses. Behind the camera is where I usually am, and feel more comfortable. I very seldom like photos of myself. And as I approach my 50th birthday, I find I like them even less. I see more wrinkles and spots than ever before. The dark circles under my eyes are more evident. But I know in the future my kids will be glad I took the picture, I will be glad I took the picture. I need to do this more often, for my kids sake, for poserity. I may not feel any more comfortable in front of the camera, or like the pictures any more, but I am going to make a conscious effort to do it.