Journaling reads:
Everyone was so excited for Christmas Eve to arrive!! We have so many traditions that take place on Christmas Eve. Mom headed out in the morning for one last trip to the store...not because she really needed anything, but because it’s usually pretty exciting to be out among the crowds. When she got home, Dad and the kids made their traditional “Chocolate Mountain Cookies” for Santa. The real fun started at about 5:00 when we got ready to go to “Nature in Lights” at the lake and see the big light display. We got there about 10 minutes before it opened and were about the 20th car in line. It was beautiful, like always. When we got home we made homemade pizzas, watched a little “Christmas Story” and then read “Twas the Night before Christmas.” Then, most importantly, we read from the Bible. We read from Luke 2 and talked about why we were really celebrating Christmas. A good reminder as we anticipated all of the gifts the next day. After that the kids got the plate of cookies ready for Santa. Cade sprinkled “Reindeer Dust” (that he had made at school) outside on the grass, and then the kids got to do one last special thing...they opened one present. Then, it was off to bed to dream of Santa, presents, and all of the fun things that were to come on Christmas Day!

Credits - Everything from Designer Digitals:
Speed Byte No. 149
Santa Land Kit
Little Snips Alphabet
Santa Land Solids and Stripes Paper Pack