Poor L, his birthday was on Thursday last week and it was almost a non-event! Both the boys birthdays sandwich Christmas and we were exhausted! But he did get some very cool things and besides he is 2!


Printer Trays No.3 coming 1/14

Little Layette Element Pack
Gator Crossing Kit
Eat Cake Kit
Piece of Cake Epoxy Stickers
Torn Journaling Tags No. 01
Painted Spot Dots No. 01
Painted Maps No. 01
Postmarked New Years 2012 Brushes and Stamps

Jelly Alphabet No. 25 recolored
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 30

Tack Its! recolored

My Guy Element Clusters No. 01 altered
Orange Element Clusters No. 01 altered

Salamat Paper Pack recolored
Salamat Solid Paper Pack

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