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Collageables No. 04
Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 01
Littlest Farmer Kit
Sealife Memories Kit
Christmas Plaids Paper Pack No. 01
Wood Grain Alphabet No. 01
Word Strip Labels
Hung Up Photo Frames No. 02

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Journaling: We enter the realm of you testing your boundaries this week. You understand ‘no’ but you are testing us out this week. You are obsessed with the oven and constantly trying to get to it. In fact, you will walk up to it in your walker, stop, look at me and smile before reaching out to try and open the door. Well my Son, Mummy and Daddy don’t take risks and we will be getting some baby gates this week to keep you out of the kitchen. At least for now! Nana and Poppy left this week after visiting for 3 weeks. You have been out of routine over Christmas and New Year and we were worried you might be unsettled after they left. You had gone back to waking twice during the night and not napping. It was becoming such a fight to get you to sleep at any time of day which was just so not you. You were our little blessing that slept through the night from 6 weeks! Mummy’s body has not been coping lately! Funnily enough though, once the house was empty you went straight back to your normal routine! Without complaint or fighting your sleep! I even got up a few times during the first night just to make sure you were ok! Daddy goes back to work next week and then it’s time for us to find our own routine again. 07.12.2012