hey there!
after i read through the thread about children doing 366 i thought... why can't i do it?
but i had to find a way for me to limit overwhelm and do it the easy way.
last night when i couldn't sleep (again) i figured out how the rules for me would be okay.

i will do 3 days on one page. i have the template ready as you can see. i can use it as it is or change things however i like/have the time/feel. i used the clipped stacks with the hearts because they are so versatile and i can clip things off or move it around. great stuff!

when i don't have the time or feel overwhelm i simply do no journaling ;-). as you can see, two days are missing. or i will keep it sooo easy as i can.

on the other hand i can easily include whole pages when i want to showcase something and do this without following the normal template/colors etc.

what is important for me: i want to let go of perfectionism here and just have fun journaling daily life.

i will not post every page here, because i want to keep some things private. but from time to time you may see me!

i am thrilled to do it and know i will love it when it's printed :-)

thanks for looking!

lynn grieveson
paper up Silk Road Kit: Remix
paper middle Warm October Kit
paper bottom and 5 Wild Weekend Kit
journaler bottom Jolie Kit

katie pertiet
frame clusters Clipped Stacks No. 03
Spiraled Journalers No. 02
Postmarked New Years 2012 Brushes and Stamps
1 Artistry de Blanco Kit
4 Roughed Up Alphabet: Red Dots
journaler middle Christmas Village Kit
Tied Fasteners No. 05

pattie knox
Staple Its!: Clusters

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