Almost caught up on Lincoln's weekly pages for his first year book. I am journaling these as though I am telling Lincoln the story but I also save another copy where the journaling is aimed towards his Grandparents as I plan to give them all a copy of the book as well.

Thanks for looking. Smile

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Journaling: You have had such a huge week Son! Nana and Poppy Mills arrived early in the week and you have had so much fun playing with them. Nana was a little worried that you would take a while to warm up to her but you loved her instantly. I had been playing the audio book she had sent you for weeks leading up to her arrival and I really think you recognised her voice. You have loved having visitors and it has not upset your routine so far. You have had some teething pain this week though but there is still no sign of those pesky toothy pegs. I think you have every teething symptom, minus the teeth bit! On the 17th we had such a big day. We spent nearly the entire day out finishing our Christmas shopping. I have to give you total praise because you did not complain once! In fact you happily sat in your stroller people watching while Mummy, Daddy and Nana braved the crowds. We had to go to your Uncle Lyle’s that night for an early Christmas celebration and then dinner for Great Aunt Steph’s birthday. By the time we got to Uncle’s house you were hysterical. It got worse until Mummy and Daddy decided to find a chemist because we were certain you had bad teething pain. By the time we got to the chemist you were a screaming mess. I took one look at you and knew you were going to be sick and managed to get you out of the car seat in time. The car was saved but Mummy and the pavement wore it. And then you smiled and giggled. Dinner for us was cancelled and we headed home. On another note, you are furniture cruising at every available opportunity. But being the ever dare devil you are, you are practicing letting go a lot. We also catch you standing a lot without holding on, walking cannot be far away! 17.12.2011