This is a random page from my Days of December album. I hope to finish it during January. My husband’s health gets worse and I am sorry that I don’t have time to comment lately. I am so busy and tired.
In 1, 30 hour from now we will welcome the New Year here. I wish you all the best for the New Year.I wish you a good health, the greatest gift, and happiness. I love you all and I am happy that I am a member of this wonderful community. God bless you.
Journaling reads
We spent the day of Christmas with our son Anthony, our DIL Katerina and Konstantinos, our grandson. I like to keep him into my arms, but Konstantinos shows his preference for his grandfather. He touches his face, his fingers and this love gives life to my husband. Our second son Efthymios and DIL Iliana spent the Christmas day with Iliana’s family in her hometown, Agrinio.
In the morning, because I have to bake the "Vasilopeta" the bread of Saint Vasilis, our own Santa Claus, and for the lunch of the 1st Day of the year, tomorrow.
Happy New Year!