Journaling reads: We have no family in the San Diego area, so we spend our morning having a good cup of coffee while we opened gifts, making sure Cricket gets hers as well. Then a big breakfast, and our afternoon is spent enjoying this special day of Christ’s birth. For Rachel it is usually a new book or a new game on her PS3. I relax and tat while watching a Christmas movie, or do some scrapping, and Ron, recovering from a broken arm will not ride today, but we will be certain to spend time with Dusty as well & make certain he gets a Christmas treat too. No stress - no pressure - no time constraints. In the evening, we have a nice, and simple dinner of our favorites, including a pie. It is not the gifts I think about on Christmas day as much as a day for family to spend together and do what they would like - and relaxation!

Items used:
Bradded Photo Frames - Katie Pertiet
Wintersong - Amy Wolff
All About You - Amy Wolff
Frivolity - Amy Wolff
Happy Happy Joy Joy Paper Pack - Amy Wolff

Fonts: Horst & Traveling Typewriter