Isn't it satisfying to get the house nice and clean for Christmas?

Also, Amy started writing everything on the cards herself, then after about 3 she was 'too tired', so I ended up writing 'to x, from', she would write 'Amy', then I would put it in the envelope and write that too. I'm kinda looking forward to when she doesn't send one to everyone in primary 1 (39 people!). As of today 1B still hasn't been done.

ETA: Doh, just went to close the PSD file and realised I hadn't put a date on it, done now:).


A Edwards
December Daily Template Package Vol. 03;

L Grieveson
Holiday Cheer Kit;

K Pertiet
Fall Tickets;
Negative Sleeves No. 03;
Metal Rimmed Glitter Alphabet: Red No. 02;
crystallized flourishes no3;
elfin magic kit;
defined discs holiday no2;
posted words holiday no1;
gingerbread whimsy;
cut ups christmas;
photo corners colors no1;

P Knox
Epoxy extravaganza: Everyday;