Journaling reads: We were so excited that the day had finally come for us to take delivery of our new family member - Dusty. Not owning a trailer, Billy drove him down from Jullian. We are Dusty’s third owner, having originally come from a ranch in Colorado. It was hard to contain my excitement as Billy handed the lead rope to Ron, & he led him from the trailer. It is hard for me to think about what is going through Dusty’s mind, in this new & different place. His demeanor is such that nothing much seems to bother him, but our main priority is to make him feel like he has arrived home, & hope that he feels safe and secure in this new home. The three of us are hoping to - as horse owners put it - ‘give him a job’, (use him to his potential). He still needs lots of training, but Patti is here to help us finish him up. It is scarey being new horse owners, but we look forward to this new adventure. We hope Dusty feels like he is finally home.

Items Used:
Stitched Up Frames No. 3 - Katie Pertiet
Lil Bit Tags - Katie Pertiet
Photo wraps No. 1 - Katie Pertiet
Beach Vacation - Erica Zwart
Soccer Season - Erica Zwart
Essential Stitches No. 1 - Erica Zwart
Glittery Grid - Erica Zwart
Broken Words No. 1 - Erica Zwart
Scribbles No. 1 - Erica Zwart
Turn Back the Clock - Erica Zwart
Lavender Fields - Erica Zwart
Alpha and Number Set No. 1 - Anna Aspnes
White Paint No. 1 - Anna Aspnes

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