I love Connie's adorable page. I had to force myself not to use every single element that she used because I loved it so much. Thanks for the inspiration!


Journaling: Your teacher always gives an explanation of what you did in class before we can go in to get you. On this day, she explained that you all had been transformed into reindeer and you could have any color nose you liked. Mia turned around and said “BLUE”. We both knew what color nose you would have and sure enough...there you were...the cutest little blue-nosed reindeer that we have ever seen. Your obsession with blue makes me smile and I know it came from my side of the gene pool. I LOVE blue and so do you. You always have to have the blue plate, the blue cup, the blue coat, the blue bike helmet, the blue football....you will only color with blue crayons. I’m struggling to find a box that only contains shades of blue. You are so predictable and so very loved!

K. Pertiet: Elfin Magic Kit
Sweet St. Nicholas Kit
Crystallized Flourishes No. 04 Brushes and Stamps

L. Grieveson: Smallest Airman Kit
Strung a Long Dated

P. Knox: Felt Board Friends: Reindeer Dudes

Maplebrook Studios: Peppermint Christmas Kit

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