Going back to the first memory I could find in photos. (There could have been a photo in my first year but no luck so far!)

Christmas 1945 - Two different locations. Me in Pennsylvania in my grandparents home, and my father in the US Army in Germany. I would not meet him until I was a bit older but he sent me this teddy bear, bigger than I was at 15 months. I really don’t remember the bear and even as a child looking at these pictures , I wondered what had become of it. As years went by I wondered if it had been a Steiff bear and if the war associations were the reason for its disappearance. So many things one never thinks to ask until it’s too late. I do have distinct memories of that living room furniture of my grandparents. The main color was dark blue and my Nana would have crocheted those doilies. She did exquisite work and later made me a king sized bedspread. That furniture did have a texture that looked like velvet but was really scratchy on my bare toddler legs. I was glad when I finally lived with my parents after the war and didn’t have to endure that itchiness any more. Plus I finally met that never seen before Daddy.



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