St. Nicholas Day, or, Punch a Heretic in the Face Day! I thought I didn't have any pictures from yesterday, but I did. Smile Hubby & I forgot the date until about 9:00, I texted him (he was in a meeting) and told him to grab some stuff on the way home. Bailey's favorite drink is Orangina, and Jake loves Matchbox cars. Luckily, our local grocery store carries both. But no traditional chocolate coins. That's okay. They were both excited to get a little something.

I know that you usually put the shoes outside and the kids look for them outside, but we have a lot of raccoon, possum, and bear around. We didn't want some critter getting into the candy.


"We have tried to be consistent about observing St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. The evening of the 5th the kids put their shoes outside, hoping to have them filled with some candy. The tradition is to fill them with chocolate coins, but this year coins were hard to find.

St. Nicholas was a 4th-century Bishop of Myra about whom many stories are told. He is a factual person, though the details have probably been embellished upon through the centuries. He was a wealthy man who sold most everything he had so that he could give to the poor. He particularly loved and cared for the poor children of Myra, and was known all over for his generosity.

In 325, during the Council at Nicaea, which met to settle the Arian heresy, Nicholas got into an argument with Arius and, finally getting fed up, punched Arius in the face. He was then stripped of his bishopric but spent the rest of his life serving those in need.

I love the stories about St. Nicholas, the true ones and the ones that might be a little embellished. He was a true man of God and we should live by his example.


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