Okay, so now I'm really behind. I don't know if I can catch up, and I almost threw in the towel today. I don't have a full-page photo for the 5th and 6th, so they'll be one-pagers.

**Remember how the shadows on my other pages were so big? I was cropping each side without flattening the image first, and saving as a JPEG. This time I flattened all the layers first, then cropped the left side and saved as a JPEG. Voila, shadows are "normal." Does anyone know why that happens?


We have a few movies we watch every year around Christmas time. I tried to come up with movies that I remember taking place around Christmas that Bailey & I could watch together. I remembered always enjoying “While You Were Sleeping,” an early Sandra Bullock movie about a CTA employee (Lucy Moderatz) who thinks she falls in love with a man (Peter Callaghan) who rides the El in Chicago every day. He gets pushed onto the track on Christmas Day and she saves his life, but in the process he goes into a coma. In the confusion at the hospital, his family thinks she is his fiancee. She doesn’t correct them, and she becomes part of their family (in spirit) while they wait for Peter to wake up. While Peter is sleeping (in the coma), she falls in love with his brother, Jack. Many things happen in between, and it’s a good story about family, friends, love, forgiveness, and being content with what you have. What she thought she wanted turned out not to be the best thing for her. Bailey enjoyed it and has been quoting it ever since. The quotes don’t make sense out of context, but we have fun with them.

“You can’t take back my nose!”

“Hey, Luce, is this guy botherin’ you? 'Cause it looked like he was, you know, leanin’.”

“You shouldn’t drink that. It’s not good for the baby!”


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