Ok, I had to jump in. I had made templates last near FOR this year but had switched to blues and purples for a change, for Germany. Back to red!

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1952 - Christmas in our apartment on 54th Avenue. At age eight, I still had my doll Rosebud who I see has a skating outfit, knit? or crocheted? Knit would have been my mother’s work, crocheted would have been my Nana’s work. I also see a teddybear which I can almost bet came from my father. He rarely got me age appropriate gifts. But the center of the shot is a parakeet. Mr. Pembroke. Was he a Christmas present or was he just put there to show ‘the whole family’ in this photograph? My dress wasn’t that comfortable because the belt kept riding up over the waistline. My mother made it of two patterns of taffeta and I really did love that swishy swishy sound as I walked. But how I longed for store bought clothes. Now I realize how she struggled, making these clothes after she worked a full day in DC. Belated Thank You Mommy!

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