I am really struggling. We've had cold, rainy weather here for the past two days and outside pictures are not options. Nothing happened yesterday or today . . . so I cheated. It's hard to fill two pages when you only have one photo!


Bailey has a love for sushi. Several years ago, she asked to try it. I was sure she wouldn’t like it. It seems like something very eclectic for a young child to enjoy. Even if I could eat rice, I wouldn’t like sushi because the nori is too bitter for me. Bailey likes sour and bitter things, so it’s right up her alley. She eats all the vegetable varieties, but her favorite is the salmon, cream cheese, and avocado. She also likes the crab, carrot, and cucumber variety. I don’t know what other kinds she’s tried, but she’s liked everything as long as it’s not too hot. I make sushimaki at home sometimes (with the rice on the outside), rolled in toasted sesame seeds. Bailey and Duane eat it as quickly as I can roll it.

Duane saw this scarf on the web a few weeks back and asked me about it. I couldn’t find one to buy, but I have a friend who crochets very well and very fast. I showed her the pattern and she said she’d be glad to do it for Bailey, if I would donate the dollar amount to an organization that pays for adoptions for Down Syndrome children. So today I bought the yarn, and Emily will get started on the scarf as soon as I get the yarn to her. Put Bailey’s love of sushi and love of scarves together, and I think we’ll have a very appropriate Christmas gift!

Photo of the scarves are not the one for Bailey, just examples of what it's supposed to look like.

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