Schoolhouse Lights

Our Christmas preparations include placing a wreath and icicle lights on the peak of the schoolhouse. The peak is about 20 feet off the ground and requires John to lift the loader on the tractor as high as it goes with me in the bucket. This is a dangerous operation and usually a few choice words are exchanged. The conversation usually sounds something like this......

Pam: Go Higher!!
John: What??
John: OK?
Pam: Now go to the right.
Pam: I mean to the left.
John: Make up your mind this is dangerous. Pam: I know! Quit yelling at me!
John: I WOULDN’T YELL IF I DIDN’T CARE!!! Pam: I know, go to the right!
John: OK (sighing)

Katie Pertiet:
Sweet St. Nicholas Kit
Be Labeled: Love
Banner Safety Tags No. 01
Ornamental Journalers No. 01
Template Inspiration 7.09.11
Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 02 recolored
Thankful Memories Kit (staple)
Alandia Collection

Maplebrook Studios:
Jules Kit word art

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