We recently celebrated my mom's 70th birthday. Over the last month, I've been working on a photo memory book to give her as a gift. My starting point was to sit down and write out the memories that came to mind when I thought of my mom, especially during my growing up years. Working on the project was a blessing to me, and I am hoping/trusting the finished product is a blessing to my mom as well!

My mom became a boater in 1975, when our family purchased the Frony (soon to be re-christened ‘Santee’). For someone who didn’t swim and who struggled with motion symptoms, she embraced the lifestyle with gusto. Having the boat was very much like having a cabin. My mom had another household to keep supplied, cleaned and maintained, and managed. We spent nearly all of our weekends on the boat, mostly cruising up the St. Croix River to Kinney Beach, Afton State Park, Catfish Beach near Afton, or Highline by Stillwater. Sometimes we went to mile 803 on the Mississippi, where there was a beautiful beach and a big hill to climb for an amazing view. Most family vacations were trips down the river, traveling through Red Wing, Wabasha, Lake City, Winona, LaCrosse and the other towns along the water. The marinas where we’d stay nearly always had railroad tracks to explore and train whistles to listen for, since the trains follow the river.
We enjoyed bringing friends, neighbors, and visiting family out on the boat with us, and as time went by and we joined the King’s Cove Yacht Club and the St. Croix Yacht Club, ‘boat people’ became some of our closest friends. When I graduated from high school, my mom hosted a graduation party for me on the Seneca.

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