We don’t celebrate Halloween here, but I love the Halloween and Gothic style kits. The photo of this ruined mansion in one of the streets of Athens inspired me for this layout. I also feel like a stranger here, because I haven’t post any layout for a long time, but except of being busy as usual, I feel confused from the political and economical troubles of my country.

Journaling reads
This mansion of 19th century is located in one of the streets of Athens and nobody lives in it any more. Time has left its signs on it. Piles from fallen leaves cover the yard and the branches of a big bush climb on the railings of the garden gate. The building looks like the Kingdom of the “Sleeping Beauty.” Whenever I pass out of it, I have the feeling that someone is watching me behind the half closed shutters.

Katie Pertiet: Stamped blocks No 21
Lynn Grieveson: Transylvanian Mini Kit

Anna Aspnes: Black frame

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