I just want to clarify that dear husband and I are NOT newlyweds! We are also still married to eachother, going on 12 years! ;-)
But this is what happened when we first came to our stateroom on the cruise we took in September...

"The first thing we encountered was the sign on our stateroom door: “Newlyweds . Just Married”... When we entered our stateroom, it was decorated with things hanging from the ceiling just about everywhere. All with the same message as the one on our door! We looked at eachother and said the same thing ; “Seriously?” Several hours and phonecalls later, the things were gone and re-hung in the right stateroom. And we finally had all of our “proper” extras - sans decorations but including the chilled Dom Perignon!"

"Bead Scatterings no1" and "Golden Days no2" (layered template) by Katie Pertiet
Papers are from "Awanui Kit" by Lynn Grieveson