I don't think I've scrapped a page since July... My husband and I took a 10-day vacation at the end of September. We flew down to Barcelona, Spain, where we stayed one night before embarking on a Med Cruise. Then we had a couple of days in Barcelona after the cruise too.
This is the very first page of an intended book on this trip...
Pics are from dear husband's iPhone on our way to Barcelona.

Ginger - my husband did NOT enjoy the flight... We flew a low-cost airline, which meant we could take a ton of luggage since I paid extra for that, but the food onboard was beyond crap and extremely expensive! Also, there was a whole group of men on the plane (probably some company-trip) who had had a little bit too much to drink that morning... They were VERY loud and all my husband wanted to do was to take a nap...
Katie - We were on Royal Caribbean's "Liberty of the Seas" for this one. We've cruised with her before (in the Caribbean) and were, yet again, extremely pleased!

"Going Away Kit", "My Wonderful Adventure Kit" and "Cloudscapes no2" by Katie Pertiet
"Layer Works no72" by Studio DoubleD
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