Just a little advice from a childhood favorite!

Note: Had to change my list below to match the numbers on my page….sorry for the confusion.

1. When trying to crack a
numerical code, don’t rule out
latitude and longitude

2. When confused, sit back
and try to arrange the facts
into some kind of order.

3. Tap dance lessons plus Morse Code
equals an ingenious combination!

4. Never sleuth on an empty stomach.

5. Spike heels come
in handy when
it is necessary
to break glass.

6. Don’t proffer
valuable family
to strangers.

7. Don’t force your date to go to a ballet
or another activity that may not be
of his liking if he was knocked
unconscious earlier in the day.

8. Learning a new craft will make
you chatter on incessantly about
the art form. Be careful not to
bore your less artsy friends.

9. Keep your ice skates sharpened.
You just might be called upon
to impersonate a figure skater.

10. The key to trick
horseback riding
is precise timing.

11. Use protective
eyeware when
chiseling stone.

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