Journaling reads: I love the six African Tortoises at Patties. Often after riding, I find myself sitting on the bench in their pen, watching them. Of course when they see me, they come running, hoping a food treat. I am careful to not get too lax with them, as I am sure they could take a finger off if they mistakenly take it to be a carrot. I love watching them dig their hole for laying eggs. I have yet to be there when they lay eggs, but have been told I can pull them out to be put in the incubator, otherwise they are unlikely to survive hatching in the pen, as the adults end up accidently crushing them. Their size amazes me at about 30” long. The newly hatch babies are only about 3” long.

Items used:
Gator Crossing by Katie Pertiet
Project 365 No. 1 by Erica Zwart
Fresh Kit by Erica Zwart
Duotone Paper Pack by Ericz Zwart
Divided Word Art No. 2
Essential Stitches No 1