I'm excited, I just took this one tonight after having this fall sunset on my mind for days. Straight out of the camera. Right now I have a hard time scrapping my nature photos but eventually I'll get there.

We just moved near the beaches so I had never seen the sunset near the water around this time of year. It's a little different than summer's sunset. When I was driving home on the bridge a few days ago, I saw how it was setting (where it's taking up the sky---hard to explain) and there was a silhouette of someone in a canoe; it would have made the perfect picture, but too bad I was driving on the bridge.

So I took my hand and pretended it was my camera and snapped the photo, lol, I wish I could have gotten that one, but I said I will keep going to the pier to see if I can get something close to it.

Thanks for reading/looking.