Journaling reads: Oh, how I would like to say I have no regrets, but seldom does a day go by that I don’t think about how I wish I had been closer to my dad. He was not one to ever show his emotions, he seldom even spoke. Now I look at these photo taken of him years before I was born, and wonder about his life. I have no idea where they were taken, but I am sure that in his mind he had nothing but wonderful thought of his future, his life, his family & friends. I see his smile in the photo and it reminds me about how special his smile was. He was such a hard working man, always providing for his parents and brothers and sisters. He didn’t marry until in his 40’s, with my mom 22 years younger, he soon had 4 daughters. I went everywhere with him until I was 5. I remember sitting with him listening to music, as he would sing along to Tony Bennett, & Ray Charles, and he would whistle such a beautiful whistle. I don’t ever remember having a conversation with him, he never spoke to his kids. When he became ill, my mom shielded us from his illness, and when he died, we were protected by staying with relatives, as if we didn’t know what was going on. I was only 12, but I still regret that I never sat down with him to tell him how much I loved him, but I have no doubt he knew, just as without ever saying a word, I knew he loved me. I regret not pushing my mom to be at the funeral so I could say my good-byes. I learned a great lesson from this silence, that one should never be silent. Now grown, my daughter and I have wonderful conversations about everything, and I don’t hesitate to tell her how much she is loved, as back then, I vowed not to have future regrets of conversations not had, and words not spoken. It was a lesson a 12 year old was never taught, but learned the hard way, with many regrets of how things should have been done!

Items Used:
L’Automne Kit – Katie Pertiet
Botanic Gardens Kit – Katie Pertiet
Botanist Notebook No 19 – Katie Pertiet
Turn Back The Clock – Erica Zwart
Artsy Blendz Genuine – Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Floralis – Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Play Out – Anna Aspnes

Font: Pea So Lovely

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