Very Retro Christmas by Lynn Grieveson
Bella Noel by Brandy Murry

The story as told by one of my sisters: "The boys were dressed in their "GI Gear". Mitch told Doris that she couldn't do something in the game we were playing because she was a girl. Doris responded that she could do anything he could do - and probably better. Mitch disagreed, again saying she was "just a girl". Doris took offense. Mitch said, "Well I bet you couldn't tie me up." Doris took him up on his challenge (stating "I'll show you" and promptly grabbed him and tied him to the bedpost. He absolutely could not get loose! He was terribly embarrassed. When Momma saw what was going on, she got onto Doris, and told her to untie Mitch. But Aunt June (after she stopped laughing long enough), insisted that Mitch had it coming."