Oct 8 -Stuffed chicken breast for dinner. Lots of mushrooms too!
Oct 9 - Everyone going in a different direction, Dick bicycling, me meeting Jake & Josie in McLean for her lacrosse game, the rest of the family out in Herndon for Hannah's swimming. a tiring day in the sun. Passed on dinner in VA.
Oct 10- a warning message on my computer that made me put off installing Lion til after New Orleans trip. Jana's Blending Class started today so the movie download may have triggered the crash warning. Forgot Dick does not care for pine nuts. Watched him push them out of spinach & rice.
Oct 11 - Tried that 'shoot from the hip' photo technique in the kitchen.
Oct 12 - Not as indecisive as usual for my packing. Pretty much taking the same clothes I took to NY, tho it's actually supposed to be cooler in New Orleans. I hope!
(a short week)

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