Journalling - I don’t know how many times she has insisted over the last couple of weeks that she wasn’t going as a witch (no-one had suggested that she should), then we had a public tantrum in the shop because I wouldn’t buy a costume (that was too small for her anyway), she refused to even look at the butterfly costume I brought home from school. She was excited when Bonnie helped her find an old fairy costume she had bought from the Royal Show some years ago. The trouble was, I knew that one wouldn’t fit her either. Then last night I just opened up the bag with the butterfly costume in it and showed her - and she loved it - and she wore it - except for the black mask which she absolutely refused to even try on.

KPertiet - Monarchy Kit
Roughed Up Photo Mats: Ledger No. 03
Deckled Photo Frames: Vintage No. 02

Maplebrook Studios - Jelly Alphabet No. 27

PKnox - Fanciful Felt Ribbons and Trim: Little Trims No. 02